"Just a short note to tell you how much I love my new "pin up" aloha shirt. Your service, product and delivery were great."

Welcome to the Hawaiian Shirt Motherlode!

The Famous Astronaut fabric is being reprinted. Please have patience. It will take about 4 weeks and then I can make the 400 shirts that have been ordered. I can't answer all the emails I've gotten. There are hundreds...Thanks for your patience. I'll put up another notice when I know more. Thanks....Judi

Judi Carpenter, Owner & Operator

Alohaland.com makes Hawaiian shirts in 300 different Hawaiian prints with contemporary, Vintage, retro, traditional and novelty themes to choose from. We will custom fit and make old school Hawaiian shirts in any size. We specialize in outrageous and extreme, bright and jewel tone prints, as well as very large Hawaiian shirts for men and tall men's shirts, as well as Hawaiian shirts for women. Many of our Hawaiian shirt prints may have up to 20 colors which brings out the stunning high quality artwork. Most of our Hawaiian shirts are 100% cotton unless otherwise specified.

We also ship our Aloha shirts to the UK and all over the world!

For questions or comments, e-mail judi@alohaland.com or call (760) 333-0241.

Rainbow Palms

All you need is love

Blue Sea Sirens

Mola 10

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