"Judi, Thank you for the update. Those are two of the most beautiful patterns I have ever seen, and yes, I ordered both of them. I appreciate your quick shipping and attention to detail. You guy's are an answer to my dreams. No more retail shirts for me. Now when I go some where, I don't have to worry about some one else having the same shirt. Amen. Barry"
What's New!

Prototype #3 Not for sale

Teal Overload #6

Hot Hot Pink #5

Summer Blues #4

My favorite Lime green #3

Orange is Beautiful #2

Yummy Greens #1

Scarf 3 Rainbow Colors

Scarf 2 Green with metallic thread and elephants


Here Comes Santa

Planetary Lineup

Bali Beauty

Bamboo Isle
Limited Size Availability

4th of July 2019

African Boom Boom

Lavender Island


Music Mania

Forest Santa

Tie Dye Days
Limited Size Availability


Rasta Vibration

Fireworks Galore

Yellow Peace

Blue Peace
Limited Size Availability

Red Peace
Limited Size Availability

Beige Metallic Dragon

Wheels on Fire

Sharks Galore

St. Patricks Day

Large Mexican Wool Bag Red & Gray

Large Mexican Wool Bag..Red & Black

Fabulous Planets

Bags of Guatemala 02

Needlepoint Couch Pillowcase Y

Couch PillowcaseQ

Needlepoint Couch PillowcaseK

Animal Couch pillowcaseH

needlepoint couch pillowcase A

Green, Brown, & Gold

Red, Orenge, Burgundy, & Black

Green, Orange, white, blue

Navy, Burgundy, White & Grey

Little Girl embroidered Dresses

Green, Fuschia, Black & white Ikat hand woven

Green, Purple, blue Fuschia Ikat hand woven

Green, Black, White, Fuschia Ikat Hand Woven

Black, Turquoise & White Ikat Hand Woven

Black, Green & Gold Ikat, Hand Woven

Burgundy & Rose Hand woven Ikat

Turquoise & Black with Silver Metallic Threads IKAT

Black, Gray & a little Red with Metallic Threads

Teal & Black Handwoven Ikat

Black, Red, Gold and White Hand woven with a touch of silk

Burgundy, Green, Coral, Blue Hand Woven

Green Texas Holdum'

Yellow Hibiscus

Batik Ikat

Camo Reefer

Mary Jane

Dreamy Batik

Burgundy, Black, Yellow & Green silk Ikat

Black Elephant Bag 6"X5" 2 zippers

Red, Black, Green Thia Silk

Aque and White Thai Silk

Waterfall Island

Retro Island

Blue, Black & Green

burgundy, Black, and Grey

Blue & White Hand Woven Ikat

Red Butterly/Floral Mayan Blouse

Blue Bird Mayan Blouse

Burgundy Birds Mayan Blouse

Burgundy w/ red&Gold Birds Mayan Blouse

Men Blue Ikat Handwoven Long sleeves
Limited Size Availability

Men's Red Handwoven Long SLeeves
Limited Size Availability

Men's Brown Handwoven Long Sleeves
Limited Size Availability

Men's Blue & Turquoise Handwoven Long sleeves
Limited Size Availability

Limited Size Availability

Men's Red Stripe Handwoven Long Sleeves
Limited Size Availability

Men's Brown Stripe Handwoven Long Sleeves
Limited Size Availability

Men's Red, Gold & Purple Handwoven Long Sleeves
Limited Size Availability

Mola 8

Mola 6

Mola 3

Traditional Palaka Plantation Shirt .

Turquoise Lei (hand painted rayon)

Yellow Mellow Batik


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