"Judi, I just received my annual Hawaiian shirt for Fathers Day. My wife, who is still not a fan of these shirts, was very impressed. She checked over the shirt with her skilled seamstress eyes and couldn't find a single thing wrong. She gave you a begrudgingly "Well Done", the best of her compliments. She was particularly impressed with your side seams. As for me, I am very well pleased with the color and the fit. Special thanks for the long length. You are awesome! I just can't decide whether to wear it or hang it in a shirt frame and mount it on my wall. Next year "Fishing with Bears". Thanks. Everett from Idaho "
Wild Parrot Headquarters

Purple Flamingos
Limited Size Availability

4th of July 2019

Fiesta Parrots
Limited Size Availability

Party Time Cranes
Limited Size Availability

Flamingo Adventure

Red Metallic Dragonflies
Limited Size Availability

Flamingo Party

Flamingo Dance


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